Shreerang Vidyalaya


From the Head Mistress's Desk

Mrs Rupa Soumitra Dey

Head Mistress
Secondary Section

SHREERANG VIDYALAYA ENGLISH MEDIUM SECONDARY SECTION started in 1992 with a few students in hand in a small composed building, which has enlarged itself to include more than 900 students on roll in a huge spacious building.

In this competitive age, school is considered as a training ground to mould the overall personality of the students and display their hidden talents in various fields. With this objective in view we try our level best to help the students to win accolade and showcase our successes every year.

The primary objective of Education is to build a healthy person, not only in body, but in mind also. A capable person is one who has sharpened his natural talents to the finest degree. Education should be able to encompass the mind, body and soul of students. Education should be national education through which we should should foster burning nationalism and sense of admiration of our cultural tradition and varied heritage.

We wish to see our students as good citizens, upholding justice and self respect. Hence all our school activities are ‘Student Centered’.

We aim towards total education that is an integrated development of critical ability, work ethics and personality development.

This is due to the intense love, understanding and commitment on the part of my dedicated staff and a healthy relationship between staff and parents whose supreme aim is betterment of the STUDENT.

Today parents are involved in their work routine with very less time to devote towards the children. It is the teacher in the school who instills in them principles of morality both by precept and example. Our staff tries their level best to build up our students’ personalities so that they can play their role on the stage of life.

In order to bring out the hidden talents of the students, school provide various opportunities in different ways and encourages them to take part in various competition and different activities at school and interschool levels, a glimpse of which are penned below.

Many interschool activities and competitions like essay writing competition, solo and group recitation competition, drawing competition are held in our school to develop the public speaking skills and confidence of the students. In order to preserve our rich cultural heritage and tradition, we celebrate various festivals like Ashadhi Ekadashi, Diwali, Navratri, etc which helps to imbibe the value of national integration among the students. The talents of our students are not only confined within the school premises but displayed outside the school too. Our students have participated in various interschool competitions like Jidnyasa, Hooner. Rotafest, Sanskriti ‘Vividha’, ‘Aqua Regia’, Science Quiz Contest, Swami Vivekanand Quiz Contest, various competitions organized by Z.P., Mauli Mandal Sports Competition, Thane Varsha Marathon, Thane Mahapaur Marathon, etc and bagged laurels for the school.

Our students take active part in various exams organized by different institutions like Ganit Sambodh, Ganit Pravinya Exam, Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Exam, Tilak Vidyapeeth, Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, N.T.S., M.T.S., High School Scholarship Exam, Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Exam, I.P.M., I.P.E.E., Thane Talent Search, Mathematic Talent Search, Unified Council’s N.S.T.S.E. and come out with flying colours.

This journey of Shreerang Vidyalaya English Medium Secondary Section would not have been a successful one without the active support and co-operation rendered by the parent body, the Management of Shreerang Education Society, the hard working staff and the enthusiastic parents. The same type of unstinted support from all quarters is expected in our future endeavors also.


We do more than just belonging,
We ‘participate’,

We do more than just caring,
We ‘help’,

We do more than believing,
We 'Practice’,

We do more than forgiving,
We ‘forget’,

We do more than being fair,
We are ‘Kind’,

We do more than dreaming,
We ‘work’,

We do more than teaching,
We ‘inspire’.

We are the staff of SHREERANG VIDYALAYA.


The Teachers of Shreerang Vidyalaya are the strongest pillars holding this institution high up. Hat’s off to their countless and invaluable efforts, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm.

Mrs. Rupa S.Dey - The main motivator (HeadMistress)

Supporting her day and Night is the Teaching and Nonteaching Staff

Fees & Other Facilities

All Extra classes like Scholarship, Homi bhabha, Ramayan, Elementary and Intermediate Government Drawing Exam,Ganit Aptitude Test, N.T.S,M.T.S, Tilak Vidyapeeth and many other exam coaching is carried out by the staff free of charge.

Students’ conveyance and other admissible expenses like lodging and boarding,daily allowances,guidance lectures,are borne by school for Interschool events and for State, National events.

Most Important:- Open notice for participation in all events. Every student is given a chance to showcase their talents.

Fees Timings

Monthly fees are collected from 1st to 10th of every month on school working days. Thereafter on 15th, 20th,25th,and 30th of the said month.

Fees Collection Timings

Std V to X

8 A.M to 9.30 A.M [Monday to Friday]
8 A.M to 9.00 A.M [Saturdays]

School Hours

Std V to X

7.15 a.m to 12.15 a.m [Monday to Friday]

Saturdays ---- Holiday

Timings for meeting Headmistress- 12.00 p.m to 12.30 p.m [with prior appointment only] Teachers may be contacted on all days after school hours.